Meet Your Sales


Transform your customer experience and boost conversions with a next generation AI sales rep


Out Of The Box Intelligence

Magicform instantly learns everything there is to know about your company to hit the ground running making difference with your customers.

Keeping You In Control

We'll leave the hallucinations to the competitors. We took ChatGPT, injected it with steroids, and fit it into a line of code you put on your site.

Magicform Benefits

An Employee like no other

Train a sales rep about your business for the last time that’s never going to call in sick, bring lackluster energy or leave to work for a competitor.

Increase Conversions

You worked hard to get traffic to your business. How hard should it be to answer your eager customer's questions and convert them?

Continuous Learning

With other chatbots, its stuck with what it can learn from your website. With MagicForm, it learns from each conversation that it has while keeping you in the driver seat.


Subscribing to MagicForm was my best business decision of 2023. The team is very responsive, problems get solved quickly, and new features are rolled out almost every week. I highly recommend them.
"Magicform is a highly intelligent and easy to use chatbot that consistently makes my customers happy."
"I saw this and immediately fired my Pakistani live chat company. Business is war, and automation isn't just the future, its a requirement for survival."
"We integrated it last night and already saw a conversion spike. 4 conversions in 2 languages across 3 countries. This is a game changer."
"You're not going to believe this but within the first 24 hours, it already made a sale for me! Was super easy to train, basically just role played being the customer with it and tweaked the responses."

Pricing Plans

Includes everything you need to train, test and deploy your AI sales rep.

Free no credit card required

50 Conversations Per Month
Web Scan + Document Upload
Embed Code Included
2 Team Seats
Perfect for small scale businesses and startups wanting to scale.

$99 per month

250 Conversations Per Month
3 AI Agents, Unlimited Data Sources
CRM Integrations and Automatic Email Follow Up
3 Team Seats
Perfect for larger organizations and agencies managing client accounts.

$249 per month

Unlimited Conversations
Unlimited AI Agents
White Labelled Agents
10+ Team Seats

An Employee For Life

Give your customers the experience they deserve with the world's most loyal employee.