Lead Generation


Supercharge your top of funnel with a 24/7 AI that qualifies, converts, and follows up with leads.

How it works

Learns your business

Magicform instantly learns everything there is to know about your company to hit the ground running making difference with your customers.

Follows Up For You

After completing its conversation with a lead, your agent will draft an ultra personalized follow up email to guide them towards your goal, whether that is a meeting, a sign up, or a purchase. Just review and click send.

Magicform Benefits

An Employee like no other

Train a sales rep about your business for the last time that’s never going to call in sick, bring lackluster energy or leave to work for a competitor.

Increase Conversions

You worked hard to get traffic to your business. How hard should it be to answer your eager customer's questions and convert them?

Continuous Learning

With other chatbots, its stuck with what it can learn from your website. With MagicForm, it learns from each conversation that it has while keeping you in the driver seat.


Easy to Train

Scan websites, upload documents and more. Our AI will extract out all the facts of your business to use in conversation. View which questions were asked most, edit knowledge live and maintain full visibility.

Easy to Instruct

Drag and drop to add the questions you want to ask along with conditional logic to have the conversation flow exactly how you want. Your AI will use these as reference while keeping the customer in charge of the conversation.

Easy to trust

Train new answers or edit the source knowledge used to respond in context while reviewing the conversation.

Easy to deploy

Deploy to any website with a simple copy and paste of the code that contains all your customizations. You can also integrate with whatsapp, and some customers are beta testing our messenger integration today for a release soon.

Easy to white label

Invite your clients to a dashboard with your name, logo, and domain. Fold AI lead qualification into your existing offerings like never before.

Easy to observe

MagicForm’s proprietary technology takes your agent’s abilities beyond GPT capabilities to ensure that it never provides false information.

Easy to integrate

Set up automation to have your AI automatically trigger a lead notification email, trigger a zap, and more.

Easy to follow up

Create custom follow up journeys to generate and send ultra personalized follow up emails from an email you connect--right from the lead manager.


Subscribing to MagicForm was my best business decision of 2023. The team is very responsive, problems get solved quickly, and new features are rolled out almost every week. I highly recommend them.
"Magicform is a highly intelligent and easy to use chatbot that consistently makes my customers happy."
"I saw this and immediately fired my Pakistani live chat company. Business is war, and automation isn't just the future, its a requirement for survival."
"We integrated it last night and already saw a conversion spike. 4 conversions in 2 languages across 3 countries. This is a game changer."
"You're not going to believe this but within the first 24 hours, it already made a sale for me! Was super easy to train, basically just role played being the customer with it and tweaked the responses."

Pricing Plans

For the solopreneur

$20 per month

500 messages / month
1 AI Agent
Website Embed Code
For the small business

$99 per month

1,000 Messages / month
3 AI Agents
Whatsapp, Email and Zapier Integrations
For agencies and larger companies

$249 per month

Unlimited Messages
Unlimited AI Agents
Full White Label Dashboard + Widget
Unlimited Sub Accounts


Can I customize the questions I want it to ask and in what order?
How does it learn the details on my business from my website?
What happens if I want to change or edit the answer it provided?
Is it powered by GPT-4?
How many Agents can I have on the Enteprise Plan
Can MagicForm send me lead notifications via email?
Can I integrate this with Zapier to send my leads and conversations wherever I want?
How does the hallucination control work, in detail?

Launch Today

And experience the power of a 24/7 top of funnel sales rep passionately answering questions and converting visitors into customers.